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Hallmark Healthcare Solutions’ Einstein II is selected by Five Star Urgent Care Clinics to Optimize Business Intelligence and Workforce Management

Hauppauge, NY– October 9, 2017 – Hallmark Healthcare Solutions, a proven leader in the health system workforce analytics space, is pleased to bring its artificially intelligent, predictive modeling and analytics solution, Einstein II, to Five Star Urgent Care’s rapidly growing number of urgent care clinics in New York.

Based on knowledge gained over a decade of consultations with medical facilities across the U.S., Einstein II was custom-created to strategically solve pain points. It aims to reduce costs and optimize efficiency in the urgent care, ambulatory and hospital arenas.

“Einstein II is built to be a cognitive system that helps urgent care clients such as Five Star understand their data patterns and analyze trends,” says Neeraj Isaac, Chief Technology Officer at Hallmark Health Care Solutions.

She explains that currently, most urgent care systems rely on manual processes to track performance expectations. This creates challenges for the administrators wanting to understand risks and trends, as well as to define future performance outcomes.

“The AI engine of our software will help automate scheduling based upon patterns, thereby providing increased efficiency,” Isaac continues.

“Einstein II’s track record in the healthcare space specifically in Urgent Cares made it an easy decision to bring automation and intelligence to our staffing model and processes” says Dr. John Radford CEO of Five Star.

“Einstein II allows us to focus exclusively on improving the patient experience and clinical outcomes, through its predictive intelligence on workforce needs based on historical trends, ultimately helping us standardize and grow our leading urgent care brand across the East,” adds Dr. Radford

Einstein II’s pioneering software includes dynamic, actionable, real-time analytics dashboards, which provide holistic, horizontal views across an entire organization, as well as the ability to vertically drill down.

“We are excited Five Star Urgent Care chose Einstein II to deliver the business intelligence that they need to succeed today,” says William Reau, Hallmark Healthcare Chief Operating Officer. “We look forward to being an integral part of their operational strategy as they continue to advance as a leader in the urgent care space.”

Einstein II is currently leveraged in various modalities (inpatient and outpatient) within the healthcare domain. For more information or to request a demo, visit einsteinii.com.

About Five Star

At Five Star Urgent Care, we provide our patients quick, convenient medical care with exceptional service. We know that requiring immediate medical attention can be stressful, so we aim to help make it all better- both the patient and their experience at Five Star.


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