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Better clinical and operational results, no effort

A study from Parkland Health and Hospital System and the University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center in Dallas found that increased automation in hospitals lowered the odds of in-hospital death by 15%, the odds of developing complications by 16%, and reduced intake costs for hospitals by hundreds of dollars per patient.

And platforms that use automation, like Einstein II, do all the work. Users, for whom activities like scheduling are just a necessary diversion, can refocus on what their role is really about. Automation makes them both more effective at their role and able to produce better outcomes for administrator, clinicians and patients.


Get ahead of schedule and add hours back to yours

Beckers Hospital Review reports that intelligent scheduling platforms can reduce manual scheduling time by 7 to 15 hours per manager per pay period – and they can provide accurate staffing forecasts up to weeks or months in advance. By shifting focus from yesterday’s issues to tomorrow’s forecasted needs, health care organizations and medical groups can finally stop playing catch up, get ahead of the curve, and do so while giving managers more time to focus on their core duties.


Make key decisions without difficulty or delay

Einstein II translates vast amounts of raw data into immediately, easily actionable information and presents it through a user-friendly, visually-appealing, role-based dashboard. Foundationally, managers and executives always have the information they need to identify the right resource with the right skillset, at the right time.

Einstein II goes even farther than that, though. Any data resident in the system can be parsed into useful information, so that users can use E2’s monster reporting capabilities to get immediate answers to their most pressing questions – even the ones they didn’t know had answers.


Work your team like a well-oiled machine

Making real-time open needs transparent across the organization to all eligible employees optimizes staffing. Why should one department incur overtime while another sends qualified employees home? Transparency of information synchronizes everyone’s efforts and ensures decisions are made across the organization based on high quality information procured from a single, trusted source of truth.

Further, transparency means the organization can standardize its policies and procedures, ensure fairer treatment of employees, and give everyone, from front-line nurses to chief executives, the information they need to make the right decisions to benefit patients and the organization.


Improve your organization’s fortunes

The bottom line of investing in any scheduling platform is the benefit to your organization’s bottom line. Einstein II ensures automatic cost optimization that balances schedules to provide the best clinical service based on census and acuity with the least amount of premium pay.

It also provides decision makers with the information they need to make the right call, not just for today’s shift, but for all of the strategic questions executives must consider to remain competitive in the modern health care market. With labor costs contributing to more than 60% of the overall spend, E2 reduces costs and re-focuses everyone on positive patient experiences and proactive, forward-looking leadership that can help reverse, restore or bolster your organization’s fortunes.

Meet Einstein II for Yourself

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