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Thought Leadership Webinars

Improving efficiency in Urgent Care Workforce Management

Salient Takeaways:

  • How to achieve and maintain proper staffing levels so urgent care clinics can concentrate on meeting their patients’ needs.
  • Best practices for controlling costs and improving profitability
  • It is not just important to have the correct staffing models in place but also the ability to execute staffing per the model

The Urgent Care Industry is one of the fastest growing segments in healthcare today and patient demand for UC access is becoming more and more popular. With such rapid growth, interest from investors, entrepreneurs and healthcare leaders has never been higher. The need to develop strong business models, execute great patient care and be as efficient as possible is imperative to long term success and scalability.

With all the good that comes out of Urgent Cares they are not immune to the standard pains associated with being a healthcare provider. Operating a profitable business with exceptional patient outcomes is job one. To maintain profitability and deliver excellent care is a well-choreographed dance between patient type, volume and the correct staffing model. Consequently, the goal becomes achieving and maintaining proper staffing levels so urgent care clinics can concentrate on meeting their patients’ needs. To keep quality of care and patient satisfaction high, urgent care leaders need to ensure they have the correct staffing model in place providing the clinic managers the ability to execute staffing per the model; intelligent workforce management.

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Webinar Speakers

William Reau

William Reau

Principal and COO

William is the Lead Program Consultant in Healthcare Services and has served in progressive leadership positions in healthcare focusing on lean process improvement of staffing and resource management. He assists organizations thru innovative solutions and benchmarks in the re-design and standardization of scheduling policies, clinical integration, compensation metrics, recruitment, communication, on boarding and retention strategies.

Neeraj Isaac

Neeraj Isaac

Principal and CTO

Ms. Isaac is a senior executive with over 22 years of experience in the Healthcare and Information Technology industry. She has an extensive background in developing technology strategies in global markets and has a successful track record in the delivery of products and solutions in business intelligence, data warehousing, and analytics; cross-platform mobile application development; advanced web applications.