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As theoretical CEOs of their own multimillion-dollar businesses, nurse managers arguably have the most difficult job in the healthcare industry. Clinical expertise alone no longer makes one worthy of a leadership role in healthcare. The current lexicon requires a transformational leader focused on results in a heavily regulated, service-oriented industry that is strapped for cash and plagued with workforce shortages

Built on a platform of artificial intelligence and using cloud technology, healthcare workforce- management solution is one of the most progressive tools available to optimize your workforce and control labor expense. The software automates an organization’s scheduling process based on a specific customized set of rules. It facilitates real-time decision making that parallels organizational targets for expense and productivity.

Moreover, the combined approach of strategy consulting and use of healthcare workforce- management technology positions organizations for expense savings in the first year of implementation. Organizations implementing these solutions have realized an average savings of $1.2 million in the first year in overtime expense alone.