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Most of the existing workforce management solutions for dialysis centers focus heavily on past data for staffing with the available skill set, much like driving a car looking only at the rear-view mirror. These solutions lack intelligence, real-time dashboards and ability to pre-empt the use of overtime and overstaffing. Furthermore, these existing Dialysis Centre workforce management solutions do not help improve employee satisfaction and patient care. Also, they are incapable of ensuring 100% compliance to ever-changing industry standards.

Key Features provided by New Generation Workforce Optimization Software are:

  • Real-time labor productivity monitoring based on census and schedule
  • Open Needs are created and adjusted real-time for proactive right-sizing
  • Cloud Technology for scalability and security with no hardware investment
  • Transparent horizontal and vertical views of Dialysis Centre-wide staffing status
  • Predictive modeling of staffing needs for future volumes, seasonal trends and disaster planning