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Chronic conditions will drive consumer demand for more healthcare services and for nurses and other caregivers who deliver these services. As demand increases, a shortage of skilled, experienced nurses will continue to increase. This along with an aging workforce is driving the need among healthcare organizations to efficiently manage their workforce.

Control costs while maintaining the highest quality levels’, is the mandate for all LTACHs today. As healthcare organizations seek to balance the need for reducing costs with the goal of improving care, keeping the workforce satisfied and engaged becomes extremely challenging. Information technology is beginning to play a pivotal role in helping healthcare organizations meet this mandate with hospitals, long-term care, and other providers deploying intelligent and easily deployable workforce management tools.

Features that make Healthcare Workforce Management software a must have for LTACHs include cost optimization, automated real time reporting, easy interface, forecast on return on investment,  cost savings calculations, value creation, simulate workforce planning scenarios and many more.