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The healthcare workforce-analytics market is growing as more Healthcare professionals recognize the need to move to adapt to new business models while improving care quality and controlling costs.

Hospitals have been accepting Workforce analytic as the deployment model of choice and rapid innovation in processes and user experiences. They realize that by using Workforce advanced analytics solutions, executives, and managers receive real-time & consistent hospital/organization-wide resource demand and supply to help manage the workforce.

Workforce analytics software is able to forecast return on investment, calculate cost savings, value creation, and simulate workforce-planning scenarios. At every stage of scheduling, the software automatically schedules or encourages the staffer/scheduler to choose the right resource at the optimum cost and can help adjust the daily staff mix based on the census, acuity, and hours per patient day. Moreover, Workforce Analytics flags overtime resources even before they are scheduled, and provides replacement options, thus allowing Long Team Care hospitals to forecast, control and budget for their overtime and premium spend.